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Our Story

Panamerican Financial Consultant Corp (PFCCorp) is a Panamanian company established in Panama with offices in the USA (New York, Tallahassee, Sarasota, & Los Angeles),  Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Venezuela, Mexico, Thailand, and Future Offices in Barbados, Kenya and Dubai.  Our elite team consists of experts that comibed together have been involved with a variety of projects in over 128 different countries.  This team has held  a myriad of different projects in the private and public sectors ranging from financial structuring, feasibility studies and project management to channeling resources; to propose, consult, design, implement, develop and administer projects in many varied topics.  These topics include: finance structuring, oil refineries and their byproducts, pipeline systems, drilling operations, private and commercial airlines, agro industry projects, communications, low income housing, infrastructure, maritime projects, solid waste collection and disposal, urban mass transportation, humanitarian projects, commodities, public health, etc. This same group of indiviuals make up PFCcorp and vow to work together to intergrate experiences in the different fields offering innovative approaches, motivation, planning and structuring solutions to any and every dilemma and/or challenge the private or public sector may well present.

  • Advisory Services 100%
  • Forward Thinking 100%
  • Problem Solvers 100%
  • Financial Innovation 100%
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