Agro Industries:


The significance of Agro Industries is in the large-scale production, processing, packaging, distribution and marketing using modern equipment and methods. Many developing countries face a series of challenges that constrain their performance that include: poor infrastructure, low productivity, poor product quality, difficulty in find financing, absence of technology, lack or poor transportation, no storage facilities and finally, little attention if any, to the quality of distribution chains for these agricultural commodities to reach the final consumers within the country or abroad leading to post-harvest losses of fruits and vegetable in an average of 35 to 50% of the total production and for grains in the order of 15 to 25%. Our Director of Agro industries, Fernando Cucurella, has amongst his priorities, to assist countries and private investors in the development of appropriate policies, strategies and methodology for agro-industries to incorporate a better distribution chain as well as identifying investment opportunities and offer opportunities to:


  • Assist government with different agricultural projects to improve marketing policies, infrastructures and creation of free trade areas
  • Construction of storage facilities and market infrastructures
  • Post-harvest losses reduction strategy
  • Identifying critical paths along the food chain
  • Evaluating factors affecting productivity, quality, competitiveness and cost-efficiency
  • Developing and implementing agro-industries strategies
  • Innovative strategies for meat and dairy products industries
  • Transformation of agricultural products and their marketing
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