Aviation & Transportation


Tom Ronell, our VP of Operations who also holds an Economics degree from the Wharton School of Economics is  an authority on Aviation & Transportation.  He has been involed for more than 30 years with airlines, airplanes, airports, national aviation regulatory authority and luxury private jet services.  He has participated in the structure and the start-up of privatizations as well as restructuring.  He has also helped with  fleet decisions for airlines in Panama, Colombia, Thailand, Russia, India, Uruguay and the USA.  His work encompasses six of the seven continents on earth.


His expertise combined with our executive staff helps us to provide services in the acquisition, purchasing and financial structuring in the following areas:


  • Airports (Design, Implentation, Feasiblity Studies, Construction, and Operations)

  • Mass Transportation

  • Private Jets

  • Commercial Jets

  • Cargo Jets

  • Ground Transportation

  • Chartering Services

  • Business Plans & Fleet Proposals

  • Commercial Airlines Restructuring & Consulting

  • Route Design & Implementation

  • Jet Fuel Supply & Storage

  • Luxury Private Jet Services

  • Lifeline Flying Services

  • Aviation Regulations & Safety

  • Repossession Services

  • Chartering

  • Air Cargo Transportation


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