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EUROPEFINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED is an international financial institution that offers investment, advisory, and asset management services to encourage the private sector development in countries like Europe, South and Central America as well as other developing countries. Our company was born out a vision of seeing the need of personal service with each client without the sacrifice of performing on a high and professional level. Ingenuity and Integrity coupled with the required team for each situation and job, we are a financial firm with a wealth of legal experience and business acumen. EPL was formed years ago through the vision of our Chairman Mr. Eddy M. Cools and CEO Mr. Gianni Mori. Today we are numbered with partners experienced in business solutions for sometimes particular difficult situations. Our services are designed to reflect the needs of established organizations and growing businesses, as well as those of individuals. Our team and partners are trained and educated in the many dimensions of busienss and experieced so that each one can guide a client through more than one issue. By this, we achieve success for our clients and their transactions by translating knowledge and business skills into effectual solutions that work for those involved. We consistently demonstrate the care and commitment that set us apart.


Our solution delivery is completely integrated throughout the transaction process and we have worked with prominent clients in diverse markets with complicated matters throughout the world. We have been fortunate enough to have a team of seriously devoted and experienced members. This same team with a broad range of experience from socio economic projects, multiple natural resources, industrial, telecommunications, transportation, real estate, banking, and legal; have helped to contribute to our clients growth from initial projects to national and international conglomerates. These enterprises see fit to continue their business with us.

We focus in developing, managing and delivering successful transactions all around the world by employing our multi-faceted approach to each case and situation. Our goal is to advance economic development by bringing in strictly nonprofit as well as commercial projects that purport to promote development by achieving better living standards. This is don by mobilizing financial resources for private enterprise, promoting accessible and competitive markets, supporting businesses and other private sector entities to create more financial opportunities and jobs.



We have a Management Service to be used for our clients, in order to get the best for the services our institution offers. We have alliances with several established top tier
Western European Banks. One that is first rank is Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt as Mr. Cools In his previous career operated for many years as fiduciary for this institution and from that relationship first level relationships evolved to make this institution our top financial partner. In our legal area we have established a relationship with Derpa, Bender & Kubler; a well established legal and notary firm in Stuttgart, Germany ( Dr. Andreas Lahusen, the founder and state notary is working directly with Deutsche Bank. This firm as State Notary is our partner for all instrument or valuables safekeeping as well as international receipts and transfers of assets.


Some of the services our Institution offers clients are: Commercial Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees, Safekeeping of Bonds, Safekeeping of Notes and documents, Safekeeping Receipts, Investment Portfolios, International Transfers, International Banking Confirmations, Personal & Corporate Accounts, Assets & Cash Management Finance, Global Projects, and JV Funding.
One of the areas of focus for our team over the last few years is engaging public and private capital through the FED Federal Reserve, prime banks, and Non-Govern Org. The objective of such a broad scale program as PPP investing is to generate and foster the creation of cash funding streams for a specific purpose. That purpose is to fund projects that can include a large range of not-for-profit undertakings (e.g., charitable, public-benefit, education, research, etc), as well as for-profit commercial enterprises ranging from infrastructure to, agriculture, energy, manufacturing, etc. Obviously, no munitions or arms dealing or purchases; no gambling activities or enterprises; no form of investing which seeks or would have the likelihood of destabilizing any segments of capital, currency, or securities markets; and no hoarding of cash.

When compliance has been successfully completed with the investor and the asset, an Asset Management Contract will be issued by us/platform as we serve as the trader in a private transaction.
The key to implementation, and a significant element in the overall underwriting, approval, and documentary processes is the blockage of the Investor ́s Collateral Asset for benefit of the transaction in general and the Investor more specifically. The means by which the Collateral Asset may be blocked will vary and must be determined on a case-by-case basis due to the wide variables and options we must consider for each prospective Client. The client has direct access at all times following program entry to the notary and will maintain control over the account holding the asset being entered into trade. If there should ever be a problem, the client is comforted knowing that they can instruct the aforesaid licensed trustee to retract the SWIFT MT 760 or unwind the block or reserve on their funds and assets. Returns are always discussed on a case to case basis depending on the asset, time of the year, market fluctuation, economy status and so on. It will discussed in more specific detail between our team and the Investor. Once the required documents are presented and the client passes compliance, the time into trade is short. That entry can be as soon as 4 banking days from the time the funds/asset are recognized as reserved or blocked by our selected trading bank. We can trade with virtually any of the Central Banks in the world and any other major bank as long as they have SWIFT facilities.

We offer our clients, a backup of every transaction we do.

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