The Financial Structuring offered by PFCCorp is largely under the responsibility of our CEO, Mr. Juan Alba Vargas based on his long experience and relationship with European Prime Banks because of his profound comprehension of compliances rules, banking procedures, negotiable instruments and global economic trends. With several International Institutions and Foundations he has been involved in more than 235 successful projects around the world where many are still used as learning experience for the different projects by Governments and Institutions. Now with a team of collaborators and being each an expert in their own fields, we strive to assist in evaluating, designing and structuring a financial mechanism generating resources for the success of any type of personal, corporate or government project.


Services That We Provide:


  • Financial Structuring

  • Project Funding

  • Collateralization of Financial Instruments

  • Discount of Financial Instruments (BG’s, SBLC’s, SB’s, MTN’s, Brazilian LTN’s, etc.)

  • Fiduciary & Trust Services

  • Commodity Trading Platforms

  • Insurance Services

  • Product Analysis and Feasibility Studies

  • Attorneys and Banking Services

  • Wealth management & Protection

  • Currency Exchange

  • Merges & Acquisitions 

  • Industrial Planning

  • Real State Development

Investment Strategies

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