Health Services & Hospitals:

How important is your health? PFC Corp knows that it is the most important part of all of our lives because without good health we cannot be productive and the world suffers. When a person or group is in an unhealthy state progress cannot move forward, advances cannot be made and dependency on others is often required. Therefore the resources of the world are drained, the caregivers are diverted and the system stagnates. The world is a complicated system of different health care systems and each one of these have their place. Modern Allopathic medicine is great at diagnosis and mechanical repairs to the human body while many Alternative medicines and techniques are able to find the deep seated causative factors that start the internal disorders that lead to disease and help correct them. PFCCorp is committed to providing better integrated (allopathic and alternative) health care facilities and care to all. PFCCorp is working with health care professionals, systems and medications from around the world. This is necessary because health disorder are as individual and different as the languages that encompass the earth. By working with locals we are better able to learn of the nature of the local disorder, what techniques have worked in the past and use our worldwide professionals knowledge base to complement and assist with medicines, techniques and healers that otherwise would not be available. 

There is great need for Health Care Services, Hospitals and Clinics as well as the need for medication either natural or pharmaceutical in government and private health facilities, rehabilitation services, nursing homes for the elderly, mental health facilities, long term health care facilities and hospitals in many countries. Together with the vast experience of our Director of Health Services & Hospitals Dr. David Green, PCCorp is prepared to provide to health insurance and Pension Funds organization, to Public health departments and Hospital around the world, all his experience together with our elite team of experts for the financing, design, construction, and equipment specification and supply as well as state of the art health care and administration software the make health care a profitable reality over time and a long needed solution for the increasing number of people requiring medical care in the form of:

  • Feasibility studies

  • Planning & development

  • Turn-key projects

  • Construction

  • Complete installation of facilities

  • Instrument selection, equipment and supplies

  • Information & medical charts systems design and supply

  • Patient care services

  • Nursing administration and medical staff

  • Quality assurance

  • and More…

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