We can describe manufacturing as the making or assembling of finished goods produced by hand or machine and is fundamental to the foundation of many countries economies based on each nation’s success in inventing, innovating, producing, competing and ultimately building future prosperity to these economies. We all know that China is one of the major forces reshaping global business; it has managed to create such a dominant position in global manufacturing supply chains, products and services despite rapidly increasing wages, mainly because of its infrastructure and the fact that productivity growth has been extraordinarily rapid. Globalization has made countries all around the world, such as Bangladesh, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil and Nigeria, as well as others, to aim to get a slice of labor-intensive manufacturing supply chains as Chinese factories focus on a different stage of production. Again, globalization has forced countries that have potential as for example India and several countries in Latin America with low wages, to attract big firms to establish operations and improve poor infrastructures that many countries still have while providing training programs taking advantage of rising wages in China opening a unique opportunity to capture. PFCCorp has identified areas on which to make investments, implementing state of the art manufacturing technologies, infrastructures, equipping small manufactures to implement cutting-edge technologies and training the workforce with new skills and crafts. All this will secure promising talents in different fields that might have been dormant for lack of opportunities, improve the work atmosphere and promote innovation.



  • Financing and Construction of Manufacturing Infrastructure

  • Investment, innovation and new technologies for the industry

  • Design, installation, operation, and marketing of goods & products

  • Training of personal in the use of new equipment

  • Raw materials supply & storage

  • Studies to reduce energy consumption, negative environmental impact, greenhouse gas emissions and improve benefits.

  • Joint Ventures in Contract Manufacturing

  • Sustainable and cost-effective Manufacturing Consultations

  • Marketing and sale of produced products

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