Marine Industry:

Ships are normally designed and built mostly of welded steel in all sizes and destined for a specific task having a life expectancy of 25 years. Today, many countries and corporation’s ships, due to the high operating costs and because the manpower and services required, these ships are sailing under the Liberian and Panamanian flags having these two countries the bulk of the flagging business in the world. Given the fact that our main offices are in Panama, PFFCorp is ready, willing and able to participate in the financing, designing, construction, operation an maintenance in the following:


  • General cargo ships

  • Bulk carriers

  • Tankers

  • Container ships

  • Passenger ships

  • Auto carriers

  • Industrial fishing vessels

  • Tow and tug boats

  • Barges

  • Specialized ships

  • Multi-purpose ships

  • We will also offer the following repair and maintenance of ships, boats in dry docks, shipyards and ports:

  • Structural ship repair services

  • Ship tank cleaning and slop removal services

  • Ship hull cleaning and painting services

  • Mechanical ship repair services

  • Piping works

  • Collision damage repairs

  • Ship equipment repairs

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