Mining Industries:


Valuable minerals such as coal, petroleum, stone, gold, diamonds, precious metals, copper, natural gas, etc., extracted from the earth either by surface excavation or underground excavation methods by the mining process, are considered as non-renewable sources hence the value of these materials since they cannot be grown through agricultural processes or artificially created. These methods of extraction generate large amounts of toxic waste that depending on the method of extraction of the different minerals, is the main environmental concern in existing mining countries like the UK, Australia, India, the USA, Africa, and South American countries like Chile, Peru, Colombia and Panama. PFCCorp, with our team of experts, has the ability and is ready to contribute with this important industry in all aspects of the process with the following:


  • Feasibility studies and economic viability of projects

  • Prospecting, explorations and licensing for the industry

  • Resource estimation of the size of deposits

  • Determine the economics of the ore deposits & financial viability

  • Identifying technical & financial risks & further work if necessary

  • Supply of extraction & transportation equipment

  • Control of negative impact & side effects of the industry

  • Help comply with the country’s industry regulations

  • Marketing and sales of the mineral

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