The movie industry worldwide represents tens of billions of dollars annually.  It is a very large portion of the ever growing always changing entertainment sector.  The entertainment industry falls under the tertiary sector of the economy.  People live with the mental fortitude to “work  hard to play hard”.  The three main areas of this industry are: Exhibition Entertainment, Live Entertainment and Mass Media.  These three divisions of the industry make up all forms of entertainment from Live Music concerts, Sporting events and Gaming.  Billions of dollars are spent annually on these types of amusements.

A little closer to home PFCCorp has seen in Panama an opportunity for the movie industry to take advantage of already built installations, bilingual personnel, first-world communications and infrastructure as well as tax exemption in the Panama Pacific Special Economic Zone, a location in the outskirts of the city that used to be the old Howard Air Force Base and since the year 2000 with an investment of over $750 Million Dollars in a 3,450 acres of land it has become one of the largest development projects of the world with residential, business spaces, 8,500 foot functional aircraft runway, with over 20,000 homes, schools, restaurants, retail stores, hotels and the government has declared a “zero” tax for all operations, special, unique and advantageous labor laws that has attracted many companies to taken advantage of these special regulations; companies like Dell computers, BASF, Caterpillar training and distribution center, 3M as well as eight of the Fortuna 500 companies.
These facilities in the form of the big hangars used by the US air force, can and have been used as movie and TV studios by several companies that with all the above advantages, we are confident the movies and entertaining business will find them more than satisfying and will consider the possibility of establishing operations in the Panama Pacific Special Economic Zone

Companies create, manufacture and distribute these products and services in various forms and in many different ways to the masses.  PFCCorp Recognizes this as a Growth sector and is poised to help with projects in the following areas, but not limited to:


  • Amusement & Theme Parks Worldwide

  • Sporting Facilites

  • Golf Courses

  • Performing Arts Venues

  • Casinos

  • Broadcasting Stations

  • Recording Studios

  • Movie & Film Production

  • Inernet Development & Infrastructure

  • Gaming Developement

  • Concert Halls

  • Museums

  • and more….


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