Multimedia in its various forms is all around us in the form of advertising.  One cannot sit down to watch a television show these days let alone a simple video online without being exposed to some type of an ad.   The fact of the matter is a business paid for that ad, and that revenue kept the television station in business.  Its a basic cycle of business and a lifeblood for the economy.  Billions of dollars are spent globally on many different forms of  advertising.  If companies stay “front of mind” in the eye of the end user, they are more likely to get the business from that individual when the purchase cycle comes around.  In most industries the spend on advertising to get an initial client far exceeds the intial purchase of a new client. However, the lifetime value of the client is where the Return on Investment is made and therefore justifes the means to the end.  This is a growing part of the economy that will not go away.  Even in hard econonic times business see it as a time to turn up the throttle on the advertising in the hopes of gaining market share over their competitors.

PFCCorp’s Leadership team and visionary outlook on this industry see massive growth potential for the investor as well as the project manager. Some of the types of projects we could consider are:


  • Large advertising agencies

  • Broadcasting Stations

  • Ineternet Marketing and Web Development Companies

  • Successful Social Media Companies

  • Radio Advertisng

  • Film Production Studios

  • Video Gaming

  • Software Development

  • and more…



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