Petroleum Industries:

Worldwide demand for oil remains robust.  PFCcorp is involved in the oil industry with marketing, transportation and storage facilities of: crude oil and its derivatives, drilling and equipment, new technologies for refining, plant refining design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance.  Several sites are already in initial negotiations.

Only five energies are extensively used in today’s world: petroleum, coal, natural gas, hydroelectric and nuclear fission. For the time being, these are the only ones that can meet humanity’s energy needs in terms of quantity, quality and price. The world energy report predicts that 85% of the energy needs of the developing world between now and year 2030, will be spent on fossil fuel. The culprit is not the oil prices or the oil reserves; the shortage instead will come from a squeeze of refining capacity. No new start up refinery has been built in the the US since the 1970’s that we know of.

With the experience of our Director of Petroleum Industries, Orlando Lopez; coupled with the expertise of our COO, Jose Marin and the years of experience in the field of our CEO, Juan Alba Vargas; PFCCorp is positioned to assist our clients to finance, purchase and maintain operations in the following areas:


  • Refineries

  • Pipeline Systems & Pumping Stations

  • Storage and Tank Farm Facilities for (Crude Oil, Diesel, Jet Fuel, LNG, LPG, and others…)

  • Drilling Operations

  • Production, Resevoir, Geological & Geophysical Studies

  • Fuel Ports

  • Ocean Shipping Tankers

  • Petroleum Free Zones Designing

  • Buy/Sale of Spot Options of Derivatives & Crude Oil

  • Environmental Impact Studies

  • Spillage Control & Equipment

  • Specialty Training & Education

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