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The scope of the services offered by PFCCorp will be evident by the experience of our team and specifically of our CEO, Juan Alba Vargas in charge of the financial structuring, monetary mechanisms and techniques of financial engineering. This incalculable experience has given Mr. Alba, the position to conform the Board with elite professionals together with higher than normal standards helping integrally and independently to the success of the projects, our goals and our ideas leading to: economic and financial inquiries, research, reports, technical diagnostics, administration and analysis of relevant case history to obtain financial negotiable instruments for resource generation or economic returns together with appropriate recommendations for the future long and short term course of action to take in relation to the projects in order to increase returns, holdings and investment capabilities for private or public transactions, repeatable, renewable and/or new.

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Financial Structuring
Financial Platforms - Euro Finance Private ltd.

PFCcorp is proud to be associated with Euro Finance Private ltd. and working with Eddy Cools.

Project Funding
Collateralization of Financial Instruments
Discount of Financial Instruments (BG's, SBLC's, SB's, MTN's, Brazilian LTN's, etc.)
Fiduciary & Trust Services

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Commodity Trading Platforms

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