What does energy mean to you? To many of us, it means electricity, entertaining, comfort, etc, but to others, a lot more than that: it means education, better health, security and economic development. Those of us that have access to energy, find that our resources are becoming exhausted and some of these like oil and carbon are producing energy in a way that are destroying the environment and contribute to global warming. We at PFCCorp have been working to find solutions to the challenge of clean & sustainable energy for all; wind, solar, hydraulic, biomass, etc. The time invested in our quest to find new sources of energy have taken us to different sites and projects in Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Bolivia studying alternatives and possibilities. Every country has the need and obligation to investigate new possible alternate sources of energy and overcome the cost of not doing something; our team in PFCCorp, has been working in projects with excellent projections and profound social impact on rural communities. In Waste Management, we have for many years been involved in environmental projects, landfill project assessment, decontamination of oil- spills, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) recycling installations, biogas plants with its sub products; such as Ethanol, Methanol, CO2 in various forms, fertilizers, energy derived from Quantum theories, plasma projects and many other fields for the production of energy.


We provide services of feasibility studies, purchasing, acquisitions and financial structuring of the following green energy industries:

  • Bio-Diesel Facilities
  • Solar Panel Facilities
  • Wind Turbines
  • Waste Water Facilites
  • Hydroelectric Power Facilities
  • Bioenergy Facilities
  • Geothermal Facilities
  • Ocean Energy
  • Waste Site Energy Conversion
  • Bioethanol, Biodiesel and Biogas Production Plants and the Marketing of the Sub products: Methane, Commercial CO2, Electricity, Fertilizers, etc.
  • Feasibility Studies for Eolic and Solar Energy Projects
  • Use of Agricultural Waste
  • Reduction of CO2 and Use and Disposal of Organic Refuses for Energy Conversion
  • Landfills Evaluation and Treatment
  • Potential Applications for Catalytic Pressureless Depolimerization system
  • Classification, Transportation, Treatment, Use and Disposition of Commercial, Industrial, Hazardous, Domestic and Municipal Solid Waste
  • Waste Disposal and Recycling Technology
  • Assessment for the creation of CO2 and Emission Reduction Certificates
  • Decontamination of oil spills
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