Why Panama?

Panama’s monetary system is unique. United States dollar notes serve as the paper currency and are legal tender in Panama. The country has a population of 3,5 million and more than half the population lives in the metropolitan area. Panama has enjoyed almost automatic monetary and price stability facilitating international transactions by the use of the United States dollar. PFCCorp is a Panamanian corporation established according the Corporation Laws and we have established our main offices in the city, taking advantage of all the advantages the country offers among the many, the followings:

  •  The Panama International Banking System that has today 90 banks,
  •  The Panama Stock Exchange,
  •  The Foundations laws,
  •  Trust and Fiduciary Services.
  •  The new Panama Diamond Exchange
  •  There are currently over 170 residential and commercial high rise building projects either under construction or in pre-sale in the city
  •  The Foreign Investment Protection Laws,
  •  The five billion dollars Canal expansion that will be functional early 2015th to allow Post Panamax vessels to go through the Canal,
  •  The Colon Free Zone,
  • The Maritime Laws and Flagging of Ships
  • Five underwater communication cables,
  • The Hub of the Americas with the local airline Copa that has more than 81 destinations,
  • A first-world infrastructure, a thriving tourism industry served by more than 400 hotels,
  • The Biodiversity Museum designed by renowned architect Frank Ghery,
  • The Atlapa Convetion Center, the Figaly Convention Center and a new Convention Center under construction,
  • Modern shopping Malls,
  • A new Line One high speed train serving and transporting 200,000 persons per day in the north of the city on a 13 kilometers route with an investment of over two billion dollars,
  • The construction of Line Two that will be serving the south of the city and Line Three serving the East of the city of 21 and 34 kilometers respectively,
  • Eight (8) Petroleum Free Zones installations with a storage capacity of approximately 31 million barrels
  • Petroterminal de Panama (PTP), a mixed-shares company that has a 131km Oil Pipeline that transports crude oil and derivatives from the Pacific to the Atlantic and vice versa with a pumping capacity of 800,000 barrels per day and a storage capacity on each side of its terminals of more than 2.5 million barrels. All of these, and many other more of the country’s advantages are several of the reasons why our main offices are established in Panama City.
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